Dr. Barbara Wise

Barbara Wise, PhD.

Barbara Wise has a PhD in Developmental Psychology; and an MS in Special Education in learning disabilities and reading. She has enjoyed teaching children with learning and emotional-behavioral difficulties in classrooms, resource rooms, and in private educational therapy for many years.

Developing the Linguistic Remedies program allowed Barbara to share her research knowledge and teaching ideas with teachers and therapists who work with children with Specific Reading Disabilities. Besides working with teachers, she continues to enjoy an active private practice in educational therapy working with these children and their parents.

Dr. Wise conducted research at the University of Colorado as Principal Investigator on federal grants from NIH and IES, retiring in 2012. Her team developed independent computerized assessment and intervention systems to improve children's reading and to study questions about the most helpful ways to teach different children to learn to read. Over 25 years, she wrote 50 articles and presented papers nationally and internationally on research on reading remediation. She consulted for the Office of Special Education, the Colorado Dept. of Ed, and many other educational enterprises and companies.