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Linguistic Remedies for Reading Disabilities

Special Educators, Speech-Language & Reading Specialists, Teachers, & Parents

July 24-27 and Aug 3 & 24, 2019   (Aug dates may be modified if group agrees)

Daily 8:15am - 3:50pm

University of Colorado in Boulder: CINC Bldg, Rm 170, 1777 Exposition Dr.

Children with Specific Reading Disabilities (SRD) struggle with reading and spelling accurately and fluently. Most have underlying difficulties in phoneme awareness (identifying sounds in spoken syllables) and phonological decoding (sounding out). Improving these skills and practicing them to speeded levels in and out of context within and away from the tutoring context, helps them become effortless and lasting in fluent independent reading.

Linguistic Remedies uses imaginative guided discovery to build a well-grounded, language-based foundation for structured reading and writing to prevent or remedy specific reading difficulties. The course includes some ideas similar to ones of Dale (1898), Lindamoods (1975), Henry (1990), and others. However, LR is in no way affiliated with these or other programs.

LR teaches the theory and practice of improving linguistic processes in reading and writing, based on current research in education and psychology. Intro LR teaches the Anglo-Saxon core of English; Advanced LR refines that work and extends it into words with Romance and Greek histories. Participants learn a variety of strategies to integrate into their teaching, to understand children's errors, sequence instruction, and help students become eager, independent readers. We learn and teach with guided discovery, practice, application, automaticity, and transfer. These same elements make concepts understandable and powerful for children with SRD.

The Introductory and Practicum Linguistic Remedies Class includes the 2014 Linguistic Remedies Manual with much teacher support, progress monitoring, and "materials kits" by levels.

About the Author / Instructor

Barbara Wise authored and instructs this class. To learn more about her, see her bio: Barbara Wise, PhD.